PINUP girls- and why we love them.

our new friend Heather (getting married this weekend at Wandawega!)
owns the fab pinup photography company VAVOOM PINUPS

its a brilliant idea for everyday gals who have always wanted someone to do their hair, makeup and wardrobe for a fun retro shot. (they do it ALL).

Heather Stumpf  launched Vavoom Pinups with her partner (and fiance) Chris Popio in 2008.  Before she started Vavoom, she was a K-8 art teacher by day and a cocktail server by night. Photography and being creative as always been apart of her life.

“Photographing women to give them the gift of empowerment from this experience is so rewarding. Each and ever kitten who walks through our door goes through the same journey, yet each of them have something new and unique to offer through their own experience."

 (this is Heather, shes a hotty and a total sweetheart to boot!)

from their website:

Hello Kittens!

Welcome to the vavoom pinups stylists and staff page! 
Here you can check out our VP profiles, go to our personal web pages, and even see us us in action!
Feel free to contact us directly to style your next special occasion.
Looking forward to seeing  you at your next Vavoom Pinups shoot!
The Vavoom Pinups Staff

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