do not remove this tag...

david dragged this thing out of one of the rooms. god knows how long it had been there. it was buried  under a new mattress that we had used for height. 

this thing is older than dirt. (nearly 50 years, we think). 
so as we were dragging said boxspring, i could'nt help but notice how freaking fabulous the ticking was. and the embroidery was. and the fantastically retro tags were. 
and i just couldnt throw it away.
but you HAVE to throw away something that people have been sleeping on since the Kennedy administration. so our friends bladon & steven did the honors, skinning the box down to its coils.
a powerwashing, heavy laundry cycle and line-dry later...  it was reincarnated into this window seat cushion.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Am so happy you figured out a way to re-purpose that terrific fabric and all the details. We got a new mattress for my daughter a couple of years ago - she had been sleeping on my childhood mattress (probably 40 years old) and when they came to take her old one away I was struck by all the details on the tag and the great ticking. Did not think to do a project like yours! Awesome!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Just stumbled across your blog - and I'm in love! So inspired by how you adore & restore your vintage finds. I'll be heading to the largest antique fair of the year on Saturday and will be poking through your blog for inspiration. Call me a new follower :)

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