Book helps turn objects into treasures

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"Found, Free & Flea" is a well-illustrated design book that starts with the many reincarnations of a camp in Wisconsin and continues with the varied old objects found there.

The author's enthusiasm covers items as diverse as old linens, keys, tableware, tables, decoys and a wide-ranging array of "dis- coveries" that could be collectibles, or trash, depending on the viewer and one's knowl- edge.

A reader may be tempted to scoff loudly at some of the cherished collections, but then turns a page and sees something else that elicits memories.

For those intrigued by such treasures, the author, nationally recognized for advertising and interior design projects, defines where best to go to fill out a collection and how to display or use it for the owner's pleasure.

The book is definitely a helpful find for those who are into collecting, and a classic example of "to each his own."

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