"AFTER"... ( a camp room tour)

FLOOR: original 1920's linoleum
TRIM, DOOR, SILLS, untouched original varnished dark pine
DRESSER: found on the property at time of purchase (old school 20's utilitarian)
SIDETABLES: handmade stick Adirondack style
BEDDING: vintage hudson bay blanket & handmade pendant wool throw
DECOR: antique sports trophies, pendants, pendleton robe, antique tennis rackets, baseball gloves, boyslife 50's magazines, retro fan, 1920s camp director hat.
CURTAINS: late 50's boy's bedroom curtains - flea find
WALL POSTERS: from my old high school - an auction was held when they were tearing it down

Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Love the pennants. I have a couple and have always wanted to add to my collection. They are from a small town centennial and they are more then 60 years old. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Especially since I went to school in that small town.

Anonymous said...

Almost brings tears to my eyes, Tereasa. So authentic and brings back memories!

hello my dear said...

That pennant throw rocks my world. Did you make it or find it? It's amazing. Beautiful room!

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