i've been debating this...

sappy. corny. sentimental.
um...yeah, but-- this makes me so ridiculously happy that i couldn't NOT share it.

a subject that 99% of the universe does not care about.
(....this is for the 1%)

here's a little piece of our favorite subject.
happy fathers day to everyone who has their own little 'charlie'

* she's not really drinking that beer. promise.
* Id love to take credit, but erik law is completely responsible for this video (thus, the chugging shot)
* if you appear in this video, thank you for letting me exploit your lovely face.
* if you do not appear in this video, its not cause we don't heart you.
* we do not recommend swinging with infants, puppies or anything else that appears remotely dangerous.

William (Chicago) said...

This warms my heart! I just love that Charlie! She is the best!

You're a good mom. David's a great dad!

Love you guys!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I absolutely LOVED that precious video. Thanks for sharing.


Art Wall Katie said...

That was so, so so so sweet. I loved it. Great job documenting the first 7. They go by so fast.

Where did that song come from? Was it written for your girl specifically? So special.

Danielle Thorpe said...

it's times like these i really wish they had a "love" button on facebook...

Cindy Fey said...

So precious! Beautiful video, beautiful baby, beautiful family!

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