teenage dream (car) for sale...

I had wanted this thing since i was 12.
and finally got one 20 years later at 32. 
but... as with most obsessions, 
you eventually out grow even 
the things that you love most.

so, with a little bitter, (but a lot more sweet)
we're putting my humble bumble bee on the market.

making room in the garage for a new challenge.

(this video is david for a client pitch film profile interview)

goodbye, sweet ride..
i hope that whoever buys you treats you
as nicely as i did.


if you happen to be in the market for a 350 small block Rally Sport camaro with 
the SS paint (bumblebee) paint job, 12 bolt rear end, 4speed hurst
email me!

Mr.PB. said...

Only a Rock-N-Roller like me wants you but will i get you! Whew we you are gonna make her keep ya any way so what's it matter-Go Go Chevy Wild.

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