TRASH to TREASURE. my best deal ever.

i have to admit, this junk sale was a little on the scary side.
the dude who finally emerged from the double wide (donning his snoopy wife-beater T) was a little more than disturbing. but for a gorgeous 1950's metal sculpture & glass end table for four bucks i would considered shaking his hand (with gloves)
Pinecone Camp said...

I have to come to your neighbourhood for garage sales. Your description of the scary dude has made my morning! I love your table by the way. Lucky girl you.
Have a nice weekend!


Your funny. I would have had my BFF next to me or a baseball bat. Thank god it wasn't in his garage, now THAT would have been really scary, lol.
Great score T.
Now may I suggest you make your FONT a little bigger for these eyes of mine. I usually don't have to wear glasses, but your print is so tiny, just like you I think.
Happy Weekend.
Love Claudie

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