an old lady on the southside had it in her garage for years. untouched.

and then both she and her husband died.
their son said he moved it to a field when they cleaned out the garage.

so of course david thought it needed to be rescued from the dust bunnies.
that was 16 years ago.

she only had 20,000 miles.
she's a 1966 dodge monaco 500 383 with a 4-barrell and dual exhaust.
she was the ultimate 'FOUND' in our found free and free lives...
he paid a whopping $2000.00 for her.
and she runs like a top.

favorite details:
* the doors are lined with (real) wicker- like an old school picnic basket
* the trunk is lined in a tartan / plaid. - so of course we needed to add a vintage picnic basket set & blanket

we treat her like a lady and only bring her out on fun days, a dozen or so times a year.
in this case, our friend will & will's wedding day. i wish there were more gems out there like her, (so clean she still had the plastic peel away cover on the console near the shifter).

the purple lady love!

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