FOUND in the attic. in a box. under a squirrel carcass...

Wandawega used to be a speakeasy. house or ill repute, polish restaurant and a bar called 'little orphan annies'. this brochure was from the early 50's.

the best part of this is the crazy language:
"making mealtime an adventure of taste thrills"
"sleep the sleep of the just"
"wandawega lake resort is filled with mutually congenial clientele"
"electric light, hot and cold running water"
Mary Andrus said...

Wish we could dig up some of those old famous polish recipes and have a delightful meal!

Anonymous said...

with the squirrel carcass!!

Tereasa Surratt said...

i had these reprinted last week, so i would use up all the originals. super cheap and fast place: overnightprints.com

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