SHE was 91 years old. they were high school sweethearts...

the tiny cottage at the end of the lane was having an estate sale.
everything must go.
she had died.
and he died the year before at the ripe old age of 92.

trudging through the snow, we made our way to the teeny 4 room cottage.

it was packed to the gills with their lives - pictures, furniture, dishes.
in the corner of a heaping room was a little envelope of booklets.

they were dance cards- dating back to their teenage years.
what we found most remarkable was that each had only one dance recorded.
there were rows of lines for other partners, but only one entry.
she saved every dance for him.

there was always love note.

when we laid out the cards, we discovered that they were sequential- spanning from
jr high
to high school
to college
to the military academy
to medical school.

they were filled with promises of life long love.

they didnt have children, but they had each other
up until he died. last year.

we were told by the folks running the sale that she followed him almost immediately.

she left behind their dance cards.

my favorite dance card love note:
"darling... will dance together for the rest of our lives.
your darling ginny- 1945"

these are their dancecards-

Art Wall Katie said...

That is so sweet, it makes me sad that they didn't have children to pass the dance cards on to but I'm glad you found them.

ILoveCollecting said...


Anonymous said...

This is an adorable story. Can't wait to see what you do with this romantic tale to keep it living on.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

The dance cards are the sweetest thing I have read about today!! Crazy that the family didn't want to keep them..
They are in better hands with you for safe keeping.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

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