We love Grand Wagoneers.
have had 5 in the past decade.

It seems that as of late,
everyone else loves them too. tommy hilfiger, Ralph Lauren,
even the New York Times.

While it's great to see more of them on the road and saved from the scrap yard,
its also fun to jump off the band wagon once in a while...

so we're upgrading by downgrading.
we're retiring the faithful GW
to move into the cooler big sister the OLD SCHOOL Wagoneer.
(the stripped down, vintage original with power nothing and much more retro everything, including the interior, simplified exterior, and a HELLUVA lot harder to find.)

So in the name of FOUND FREE or FLEA (hitting shelves this August) we have finally found one, and are resurrecting this old bird.
a beat up, abandoned original Wagoneer--
we'll be resurrecting the body, the paint, even the interior-
upholstering her with vintage Tartan blankets Ive been saving up for this purpose forever.

stay tuned for photos of the resurrection....

and if anybody is in the market for a great Grand Wagoneer- scroll down to older posts.

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