Making the perfect s'more, Camp Wandawega style

1. whip up a big ole' campfire.

2. snap a graham cracker i half, and add a chunk of a hershey bar.

3. Stick a marshmallow on a stick (we like to use a long green tree branch with a wittled tip)

4. Hold it over the hottest part of the fire you can find.

5. turn turn turn. (or, if you're adventurous, let it catch on fire & blow it out)

6. shove that lovely mess in-between the cracker + mallow.

7. sandwich it all together.

8. squeeeeeze the grahams together, pull out the stick.

9. Wait a bit for it to cool, so you don't burn the H*&!@ out of your mouth.

10. do it all over again.

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