FOUND FREE & FLEA features a section on finding and building collections of vintage pendletons.
throws, jackets, scarves, robes- i seriously cannot have enough....
and so appreciate the brand's roots:

"Wool shirts for men were largely utility items in the early 20th century. Drab in design and color, they were worn for warmth and protection from the elements by those who worked outdoors. Clarence Morton (C.M.) Bishop had a vision for wool shirts in vivid colors and intricate patterns. The production of woolen shirting material was a natural extension of the mill's capabilities. In 1924, the legendary Pendleton virgin wool men's shirt was born. By 1929, Pendleton was making a full line of men's virgin wool sportswear."

pictured here are chrissy (top) and kendra (red hat).
all props courtesty of elkhorn wisconsin 'circle of friends' thrift store.

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