Chicago Home & Garden features besting Chicago thriftin'....

check it out-
chicago home and garden did a list if my favs:
Thrift housewares and furniture:

1. Salvation Army on Grand Avenue. “This is the distribution center, the mothership of Salvation Armies in Chicago.” 509 N. Union Ave. (at Grand), 312-421-0136
2. Salvation Army in the less trendy neighborhoods, i.e. locations on the far West and South Sides
3. Ark Thrift Shop. 1302 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-862-5011
4. White Elephant Resale Shop. 2380 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-883-6184

Worth the 90-minute drive:

1. Inspiration Ministries, Walworth, Wisc. “Resale, cheap, continual stock of mid-century modern from folks who don’t know what they have.”
2. Goodwill, Delevan, Wisc. “Far enough away from Chicago (85 miles) that it’s not picked over. Good stock rotation.”


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