BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE. no better time for scotch. or to turn a toboggan into a bar.

ingredients: 1 toboggan, a ton of booze, some thrift decanters (these were $3-$8 each)
some resale MCM glasses) some vintage stir sticks, some bar nuts (in our case peanuts, cashews and walnuts) in decanters. optional: animal hide

grab a couple saw horses (or in this case kitchen bar stools)-
top with all other ingredients- bottoms, up, ya'll.

* thanks, desiree and bill for modeling your mugs!
* lenny and me resale store on milwaukee ave. for the freaking amazing vintage toboggan ($90)
* cirlce of friends thrift in elkhorn for the brass and walnut antique bar tray ($15!)

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