How an abandoned cabin found happiness on Lake Wandawega

To see a cozy cabin nestled alongside a Walworth County lake is nothing out of the ordinary.

But if the cabin's journey took if from abandonment in Illinois to being beautifully restored on Lake Wandawega, that would be worth a story … worth a book, actually.

The 11-by-11 foot cabin is the subject of "A Very Modest Cottage," by Tereasa Surratt, who convinced her husband, David Hernandez, and her brother to move it to their Sugar Creek property where it was lovingly restored.

Surratt, a creative director and partner at Ogilvy & Mather, chronicled the life of the cabin in a book that is both how-to and history lesson.

The modest cottage, she writes, has been everything from a roadsie cabin, to a "hot pillow trade" den of iniquity to temporary office space fo a start-up trucking company after World War II.

Surratt told Chicago Home Magazine that restoring the cabin was was both a mission of preservation and a personal quest: She wanted to restore the house in the woods in honor of her father, who had liked the idea of having a little cabin in which to read books but died of cancer before he was able to see his plans through.

The book is expected to be in stores this spring. For more information, visit www.averymodestcottage.com

A photo gallery from Chicago Home Magazine is HERE.


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