The President of Landmarks, Illinois gave a very nice plug for the book + project:
"Tereasa's journey of renovation and resurrection proves that anyone of us can make a difference when it comes to preservation"

My husband, David, serves on the board of directors for Illinois landmarks preservation council-
an amazing organization dedicated to the preservation of our state's most endangered examples of amazing historic architecture.
pay them a visit at: http://www.landmarks.org/

Landmark's mission statement:
"In the more than 30 years since its founding, it has gone on to save countless architectural and historic treasures throughout the state of Illinois. The organization has established a variety of programs that continue to facilitate, educate, and promote historic preservation. Landmarks Illinois' founding mission was to stop the demolition of significant buildings in downtown Chicago. Landmarks Illinois' mission today is the same, only broader — the scope and geography now embrace architecturally and historically significant archeological sites, structures, and historic districts in all the cities, towns and rural areas of Illinois. The list of accomplishments is impressive."

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