Cottages vs Mansions

This week, we are immersing ourselves in 'low country' - the Carolina islands.
Daufuskie, Paris, Port Royal - and also inland, from Savannah to Beaufort.

Here are a few scenes from this morning's ride on a 1920s fishing boat- from the mainland to the island of Daufuskie- an old plantation island in a state of transition. On one had, in a state of intense poverty (the last remaining descendants of the original 'Gulla' African culture, trying to hang onto their ancestor's original island cottages) juxtaposed to the country's wealthiest folks.

In the same few hundred feet you can see the remains of a decaying 150-year old shrimpers cottage (still inhabited) and just next door- the entrance to a golf course boasting marble ballrooms.

We saw multi-million dollar ocean front mansions sharing a property line with abandoned trailers.
Chanel-toting island dwellers sharing a seat alongside the workers who will manicure the landscaping.

The only way to access the island is by ferry or by chartered boat... the developers are quickly taking over. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to see a few of the last remaining residences of a dying culture.

My iphone shots below don't do it justice- ( I only shot the beautiful decay of the cottage - bazillion dollar golf course resorts are much less interesting)

You have to see this book (shot in the late 70s to early 80's)

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