We are tearing down.
Dissecting everything down to bare bones.
Gutting to the studs. (virtual studs)

It's been a long time coming, and we are beyond excited to announce that
we've recently partnered up with agency brand gurus NELSON CASH
(a brain collective with clients like Google, VSA and Solemn Oath)
to rebuild our camp virtual presence.

We're starting over on how we share this space with folks.

First and foremost, our number 1 objective is philanthropic.
Art camp.
Band camp.
Kids camp.
Food camp.
Photo camp.

Not-for profit gatherings that keep our creative juices flowing.
To co-inspire and keep us humble.
(Speaking of humble, let's not forget 'mass in the grass')

We will continue to open our doors to designers, the makers and dreamers.

Part of this refined mission is that we will no longer rent single cabin rentals
(sorry to the folks who just want to get away for a couple days with your sweetie)!

We are 'growing up' so to speak.
In the best possible way- maximizing the opportunities on how we can share this space with the broader creative community.

We'll be operating as a parks and recreation camp. In an official capacity now.
(After YEARS of township, city and county zoning meetings & negotiations, we finally got our official rezone) Thank you, Walworth County!

keep an eye out early October.


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