TRNK NEW YORK visits camp.

They came from J.Crew & Armani then started their own gig, hit the road, traveling the country seeking out makers & artists, so we were excited that they wanted to add us to the 'visit' list.

about TRNK:
We tell the stories of men we admire – real men who’ve created spaces that they proudly call home. We make these stories interactive, allowing readers to discover product inspired by the person and space.We sell products with integrity, and share the stories of their makers.

"We are design lovers and urban explorers. After beginning our careers in the fashion industry at Gilt Groupe, J.Crew, and Armani, we decided to lend our appreciation for style to the home. TRNK began with a red pickup truck and an empty apartment. When Tariq’s previous roommate moved out, so did most of the furniture. We needed to furnish our Brooklyn home, but quickly realized that most stores were either too feminine or sleek for our tastes. Seeking an eclectic style that mixes old with new, there was no single retail destination that completely suited our needs. Shortly thereafter, TRNK was born. Now, we’re on a search for products in quality and design, along with the stories of those who create and enjoy them."

Check out  their teaser post for the full story (coming soon)


"we had the pleasure of being welcomed with open arms by the city’s creatives. While few (if any) cities in the world compete with New York’s creative scene, we witnessed a definite camaraderie among Chicago’s smaller, but close knit community. Not only were people willing to share their time, but they were equally enthusiastic about heralding each other’s praises  – which we found incredibly endearing."

Here are a few of their instagram shots from their wisconsin camp visit:

Above is an instagram moment captured from their visit to the house in chicago)
a sharp little instagram video they captured.

...and some outtakes from their Chicago trip post:

thanks guys- come visit us anytime!

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