DESIGN SPONGE- campstyle!

im not sure when ive ever been this excited-
a guest last weekend told me this new summer 2012 Design Sponge newspaper is out.
so we sprinted to Anthropologie and bought a stack...

i love every. single. page. especially since the amazing bob coscarelli shot it :)

  • Opening Feature story on CAMP WANDAWEGA- the treehouse, teepees, cabins, interiors, yay!

  • Camping Badge: Summer Camp Tour + Tips for creating your own indoor camp
  • Crafting Badge: 4 camp-inspired DIY projects for the home
  • Scavenger Badge: Illustrated Beach and Forest scavenger lists to take with you on trips. The paper’s decorative centerfold has spaces for you to pin or glue your finds for displaying!
  • Camp Cook Badge: 3 recipes (drink, dinner and dessert) from The Jewels of New York that are perfect for summer camping
  • Games Badge: Summer camp themed Rebus Puzzles and Matchstick Puzzles
  • Storyteller Badge: The history behind some of our favorite camp crafts like Macrame and Tie Dye

Last year’s newspaper was a test-run with a limited distribution and we were thrilled to receive requests for the paper from across the globe. Our goal for this year was to have the paper available in print for anyone who wanted a copy, so I’m thrilled to announce that we will be selling the paper online, both domestically and internationally for anyone who wants a copy. In addition to online ordering, we are very happy to announce that the 2012 Design*Sponge Newspaper will be available in-store exclusively through Anthropologie. So, if you don’t want to wait for a copy to arrive in the mail, starting today you can visit ANY Anthropologie store (click here for all locations across the US) and pick up a copy in person for $5.
  • In Person: Visit any Anthropologie store (store locations here) to pick up a copy for $5
  • By Mail: Click here to order a copy online for $5 + shipping (Shipping costs: $1 domestic and $5 international)

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cool can't wait to see it ...

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