a wedding photographer inspired by radiohead? love.

meet Anda Marie!
A photographer inspired by printmaking, subtle glances & gestures, Radiohead & Bob Dylan, Rothko, contemporary art, Haruki Murakami, indie fashion magazines, and quirk & whimsy.

and check out this amazing post, in her own words and images, about her recent engagement shoot for Keely and Jason at Wanda (in her own words and images)...

"Eek! Okay, here comes a cheesy, gushing intro for this session … but I don’t care … it was just too much fun. How do I love this session? Let me count the ways (ha, see?) … stormy skies that cleared into brilliant day-end sunlight, a couple unafraid to play and laugh and have fun for my camera, a couple sweet and appreciative and trusting, hair & makeup done by the talented Jennyface, a location with so much goodness and variety … more goodness and variety than sardines packed in a crushed tin box (Radiohead reference, anyone?), dancing on tennis courts and basketball courts and jumping lifts performed on lakeside docks, and a treehouse (what! yeah.). And as if that weren’t enough, being treated afterward to pizza and beer and really great conversation ranging from birth order personalities to the use of exclamation points and emoticons. Ah, I loved it all so." 

[All images by Anda Marie - you can see more images here]

anda said...

what a fun surprise to see this feature today! thanks so much -- i cannot wait to shoot at camp wandawega again. it's just the best.

San Diego wedding photographer said...

The photos of lakeside and tree house are very nice and attractive. these photos have make me attractive. such a nice photos

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