sneak peek. the camp store brick n mortar....

because we love to shoot + share the work in progress part of everything...
heres the souvenir-shop-in-the-making that we spent saturday assembling!

it will be housed in the old lodge (circa 1922-
the entrance is the chapel.

which is so perfectly ironic, given the lodge's history of being a speakeasy and brothel.

here are a few work in progress shots. we started throwing it together saturday afternoon.

thanks to our girl angela finney hoffman at post27 store for the fab display case & mirror!

things will continue to evolve as we go...

but its a good start for a humble little 'in house souvenir shop'

I designed our hangtags after vintage hunting gun inventory tags...

- we will be selling everything from the wandawega books to vintage camp gear --

- to the house maple syrup-

- to branded camp mugs, irish hand knit vintage sweaters

vintage plaid hunting gear,  and all manner to summercamp stuff.

silver camp themed charms and antique books.

vintage camp thermoses, coolers, slingshots, rackets, iron camp skillets- 

and the random assortment of things that just make us happy
(like david massive collection of vintage beer cans, for instance)

hours will be:
10--12 SUNDAYS memorial day weekend to labor day, 
if you rent a cabin and are staying with us
by appointment.
check out the online store that 24/7


mara said...

how fun. thanks or offering both an online shop and brick and mortar shop. can't wait to visit.

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