VIDEO: how to move a cabin... (err... crapper )

it teeters precariously on a very unstable perch.
it takes out trees,
nearly blows off the trailer on the highway,
almost squashes somebody-
and gives us a serious case of anxiety.
(check it out)

Dimensions: 8x8 (@12ft tall)
Weight: heavy enough to kill you if it fell on you.
Birthdate: 1956
Birthplace: Camp Juniper Knoll (outside Elkhorn, Wisconsin)
Job description: A four-seater outhouse
Materials: tin roof, pine floors, wood siding
Time it took to relocate: 4 hours
Number of people it took: 4 men, a dog and one anxious female.
Parents: Could this be the only known outhouse designed by a midcentury modern master??

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