Weekend Project: love from the Denver Post & DIY from a reader :)


super excited to see the book is getting a few inspired readers :)....

The Denver Post did a great little write up & a friend even tried it at home, which makes me super happy.

Weekend Project: Hardware-store decor nails it when it comes to unique design

Between the popularity of eclectic, "thrift store chic" and this generation's eco-friendly thrust to reuse old things, there's newfound enthusiasm for hardware-store decor.
Hardware stores — with their shiny pipes, clamps, locks, screws, nuts and bolts — inspire good design. Simply by trolling the aisles in search of items that will make interesting table centerpieces, wall art, storage, tableaus or conversation pieces, do-it-yourself decorators will view their neighborhood hardware store shelves with greater appreciation.
A few ideas from Colorado designers and decorating enthusiasts for bringing home the hardware-store look:
• Use an old metal pulley to fashion a one-of-a-kind Lazy Susan, or rotating serving tray.
• Stack various-sized hardware nuts to make funky candle holders.
• Employ a vintage toolbox to display photos, hold flowers, store gardening tools or organize desktop clutter.
Flea markets provide ample opportunity to purchase vintage hardware and tools for this purpose. If you're lucky enough to have a friend or family member with an overstocked workbench, even better! This weekend's idea for using spigot handles as towel or coat hooks is from "Found, Free & Flea: Creating Collections From Vintage Treasures," by Tereasa Surratt ($32.50, Clarkson Potter). Stacey Johnson and Elana Ashanti Jefferson

spigot-handle hooks

Directions: Step one: Look for spigot handles of similar sizes, in a variety of colors.
Step two: Drill pilot holes into the wall. Use wall anchors in drywall or plaster.
Step three: Insert a screw into the handle. "Sleeve" the screw with a common spring to act as a spacer.
Step four: Screw in the desired length, securing the back side with a bolt and washers.
Step five: Hang and enjoy.

and- here is a great source i found online two buy a massive collection:

My good friend, the lovely Liz Olson, gave me your new book, Found, Free & Flea, as a house-warming gift along with a suggestion to use your idea for re-purposing old spigot handles for coat hooks... so i did.  And after a trip to Rebuilding Exchange for a $1 piece of reclaimed base-board, $20 worth of old spigot handles from Akron, OH via Etsy, and some elbow grease, i am thrilled with the results (which are attached)
So just wanted to pass along a quick, but nonetheless big, thank you for such an inspiring book!
Paul C

(here are paul's shots)

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