more NEW uses for OLD things....

can you tell im running out of blog fodder? :)

from top:
we trashed the crate troller thing the croquet set came in. so now we cart it around in this woven apple cart (i heart the wooden wheels!)

i found this church pew bible holder at a flea market & forced it against its will to house the postcards i have been obsessively collecting.

my girlfriend gave us this chicken feeder. god knows where she unearthed it. but we looove it,
so a very long powerwashing later, its a new nest for coffeecups. (thanks, jill!)

twine ($3 spool at dollar store) clothespins ($5 a pack) = instant photo display
Catherine Holman said...

These are fabulous finds! Now I have to go to the farm and hunt through grandma's old hen house for a feeder!

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